• Keep the lights on!

    You work hard and wonder how your business is going to make it this month. Break free from your worries and tell us why we should select your business as the next one we liberate!
  • Best idea yet!

    Secure your venture! We go to the business you back and implement a long term plan for a return on your investment.
  • Long Term Planning?

    Have you gotten control of the day to day and now need assistance planning or implementing the longer term?

Let's Turn Your Business

We focus on small business survival. We too have experienced the trials of business ownership. Conversely, we have also seen the light, felt the jubilation, and experienced the relief of seeing our hard work pay off. We think your businesses can benefit from our outside perspective. Our skill set spans everything from saving a declining business, to fine tuning a thriving business. Let's turn your business into a long lasting and rewarding Livelyhood!
Cash is your business' life line! Using our process, we stop the cash depletion of your business. We get immediate control of your cash flow so your business is around another day.
With cash under control, your business needs to focus on every activity, action, procedure, and process. Not only will this help the finances, it will allow the company to shift focus from short term to medium term goals.
This phase is where your business starts looking to the long term. Your daily scares are well behind you and we are helping you plan in years with the intent of providing you with your own Livelyhood!

Without their help we would not be open today. Now we have the opportunity to look at our business as an annuity!

Lively Storage, Inc.